Dance Show 2022
We are so pleased to inform you that our Dance show at the Beck Theatre Hayes will recommence 22-23 October 2022. We shall be working towards this show from January 2022 and cannot wait to return to normal after a 2 year break.
The format of our Dance Shows has changed from previous years. There will be two Shows, a Matinee at 12.30pm and an Evening show at 6pm on the Sunday 23 October. There will be a Dress rehearsal for each on the Saturday 22 October. Some children due to age and/or classes attended may be in both shows. More information will be circulated to parents around the time of the Spring half term.

Our aim is that every pupil who wishes to do the Show has fun and that the cost of costumes is kept to an absolute minimum for parents. This is currently set at £25 and has been for over 10 years. 

Please note we use a professional lighting company as well as a professional sound technician with a mixture of hand-held and head microphones for the musical theatre show numbers and we record each show for purchase.

Registrations are now being taken for pupils who wish to do the show. Please see our attached PDF documents below. All that is required is submission of the registration form to our shop staff and payment the information of which is in the show letter. We will also accept registration and payment over the phone if more convenient.

The attached timetable highlights in red which classes are doing the show as some of the graded Ballet and Tap classes continue as normal. If you wish your child to do the show and she/he is not doing a class in red you can always transfer classes.  

This is a fun and very special time for our pupils who have always thoroughly enjoyed the occasion of performing on a proper stage and in front of an audience of 400-500. It is a fantastic experience and once they've done their first show they cannot wait for the next one.

Please see below snapshots of previous Shows.

master show letter (1) 2022.pdf